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Part I... of two new songs from the forthcoming album, "Ain't No Messenger".



"Bouncin' Cheque Blues" by Henry P. Funkuncle

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Henry P. Funkuncle is a blues/roots/folk / singer songwriter, originally from U.S.A. and currently residing in Melbourne, Australia. He will be playing solo and with his band, The Sweet Jesus, in Melbourne from October/November, 2013.
His debut album (a limited release) in 2001 was titled: "Ass Full of Sunshine" with the follow up in 2007, "Blues Caught My Ass Out." On this page, you can hear songs, demos and sneak peaks of the new upcoming album, (working title) Ain't No Messenger. (Due late 2013) . Henry is the son of famous writer and artist, Edward J. Funkuncle and brother of businessman, Calvin Funkuncle. Henry is also the curator of web-emporium Funkuncle.com.

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'Jail Break' cover, originaly by AC/DC.    

'Ass Full of Sunshine' by Henry P. Funkuncle.

"Got an ass full of sunshine./ Got a blender full of praise. / Got a suitcase full of goodwill. They're giving me a raise. / But they don't know that I'm no good. / They don't know that it's a scam. /And if I have my way well they'll never know I am..."

'Reasonable Man' by Henry P. Funkuncle: "...Ain't no reasonable a man would ever do it./ But he ain't no reasonable man..."

Henry, on 'Jail Break' cover, originaly written, of course, by AC/DC: "It struck me that Jail Break really fits lyrically in the roots/blues tradition "...a friend of mine on murder..." It's a blues narrative. Of course AC/DCs music, overall, fits this mould. It's grand parents are the blues, no question... and I know Angus Young agrees with me."

Title track from 'Ass Full of Sunshine' by Henry P. Funkuncle.




Press release. July 2013. Henry P. Funkuncle's, new album to be produced by controversial super-producer, Ivan Meadows. [Announced 5am today] It appears negotiations have been finalised, after much speculation, Henry Funkuncle’s new album (working title: ‘Ain't No Messenger’) will be produced by controversial Super Producer, Ivan Meadows. Meadows is a controversial choice given his recent legal problems, issues with fire arms, substance abuse and eating disorders but perhaps even more because of his previous work with hair metal bands, Poison, Warrant and the lesser known but highly- contentious-in-their-own-right, Pink Sabre. Mr Funkuncle, however, sites Meadows’ early, lesser known, work with roots musicians Blind Freddie McTell and Blind Cream Jefferson: Henry: “It’s unbelievable. Ivan was doin’ this stuff when he was only thirteen years old helping out in his pappa’s recording studio - that’s why Ivan is my guy. He knows the Blues. He knows Soul. He knows music. He’s worked with some of the best. He says he can help me find my best. And if you meet Ivan - I don’t know man - he has a way of makin’ you believe that’s truly possible.” Asked if he’ll be making his next album in the style of Poison, he quipped, ‘…Maybe Ivan will give me some hair dressing tips, yeah... (laughs)” “No, I ain’t makin’ no heavy metal album... certainly won’t be dressing like those guys, which is to say, like my Aunt Pattie – it’s what those 80’s dudes did but no one noticed at the time, for some reason.” The album is due in October. Teasers and working demos can be heard at: http://soundcloud.com/henry-funkuncle  or at www.henryfunkuncle.com.



"Inextricably linked...." Far left: Troubled "Super-Producer", Ivan Meadows. Middle & right: Henry P. Funkuncle.    
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